How to make profitable process for calculating the house price?

This needs to be made clear at the recruitment stage as it involves time commitment and may influence a person’s decision as to whether they can commit the time to the venture. From our experience we recommend that the auditors receive approximately four days training. We also found that as they progressed throughout the training and during the auditing, the tenants identified further training needs, particularly presentation skills and report writing.

This initial training may act as a springboard as people become more interested, especially if they have become recently involved in tenant participation activities. It may be useful to extend auditors’ knowledge by tapping into training offered by other training providers. Rather than leaving it to common sense, all partners felt that it was better to be explicit rather than trust to individual good judgement. Even though spelling out expectations around confidentiality could be seen as being patronising, we decided to be very precise.

Being clear, open and unambiguous about what was expected with regard to confidentiality would reassure others, including staff, managers and other tenants, as well as the auditors, of the behaviour and limitations of the auditing process. The tenant auditors signed a declaration, as part of The Calculating House valuation  code of conduct (see below) to say they would comply with the confidentiality requirements during the project. It was very useful in highlighting the behaviour that was expected, including responsibilities.

It is important to find out any limitations data protection legislation may have on the topic areas you are inspecting as the audit may involve tenants looking at confidential records, such as rent accounts or tenancy histories. You may need to assure your legal team that the auditors have received proper training about confidentiality and have signed the code of conduct. If examining tenants’ records is felt to be helpful, then it is a good idea to tell them about the auditing and ask their permission first.

We have now developed an approach at Sandwell where the council makes contact with the tenants, seeking their permission for tenant inspectors to meet with them. We have also produced ID cards for all our inspectors . Mercian HA did not have an explicit confidentiality policy but rather relied upon the code of conduct. A valuable tool which emphasises the responsibilities of auditors and highlights expected behaviour.