Valuation or appraisal work – property tax planning

In direct response to membership needs, the Rent Stabilization Association has established the RSA Insurance Agency, Inc., a fully licensed insurance brokerage offering a complete line of property and liability insurance coverage. RSA created this new insurance agency with the same combination of resources, planning and hard work that has made our other services so successful for members. The RSA Agency will allow you to obtain property and liability insurance on a consistent, reliable basis – backed by the integrity of a member-supported netanization that has been the industry leader for over thirty years.

The RSA Insurance Agency is located in our offices in lower Manhattan and is staffed by a professional team of highly qualified specialists dedicated to fulfilling your insurance needs. It is extremely important for our members to be able to obtain adequate and reliable insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates. With the past experiences of our members in mind, RSA decided the only way to achieve this goal successfully is to be able to offer coverage through our own brokerage, a brokerage fully dedicated to member needs. Using the same safeguards and careful methods that have made other RSA member services extremely successful, RSA intends to fulfill owners’ needs for competitive, comprehensive property and liability insurance.

The RSA Insurance Agency will be entirely focused on member insurance needs. As policies come up for renewal, members are urged to consider allowing the RSA Insurance Agency to act as their broker of record. The Agency staff will be available daily – by telephone, e-mail or in person – to answer all questions and explain coverage and rate options clearly. If in perspective of threat of dispossession a seller is under weight or if the property, without being displayed to market was sold in private arrangement, then it is likely that it will be sold underneath the business worth described by appraisal specialists. Every RSA member will soon be receiving additional information by mail including an application and authorization form that will allow the new RSA Insurance Agency to begin working on members’ insurance needs immediately.

Please allow RSA to help you find the most competitive premiums and the most comprehensive property and liability coverage for your property. Some of these changes are the result of federal funding issues with Section 8; other changes are the result of NYCHA’s over-commitment of vouchers. NYCHA has essentially frozen their pipeline of new Section 8 vouchers, except for the homeless and other priority categories. Last year NYCHA issued approximately 12,000 vouchers, of which 4,000 were for the homeless.